A Day of Music at Cumberland Mountain State Park

A collective of national travel writers visited the Cumberland Plateau this past September, intrigued by both the cultural and natural resources distinct to this region. We encountered this group on September 24 at Cumberland Mountain State Park. We presented the Cumberland Trail’s unique musical heritage project to them in person, with intimate performances by ballad-singer Curtis Byrge and fiddle tunes from the repertoires of John Sharp and Clyde Davenport, as played by fiddling Michael DeFosche.


The journalists were rapt with attention, captivated by the music.




One of resulting write-up, “Music, Music Everywhere and a Sip of Moonshine to Drink” can be viewed here on Rachel Duchak’s Central Coast Foodie blog. We thank Rachel and this group of writers for their attention. (we also promise that though certainly responsible for providing music and park hospitality, the moonshine was encountered elsewhere!)

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