About Sandrock Recordings

Our mission:

Sandrock Recordings is a digital record label run under the non-profit organization Friends of the Cumberland Trail. Our goal is to help protect and preserve culture and regional music along the Cumberland Trail while also helping complete the trail itself. By reissuing old recordings of regional musicians, as well as releasing never-before-heard home and field recordings of traditional artists, we hope to bring this unique and fascinating music to the world at large. All proceeds go towards the artists and Friends of the Cumberland Trail.

History of Sandrock Recordings:

The work that set the Sandrock Recordings project in motion began all the way back in the mid 70’s, when a naturalist and park ranger named Bobby Fulcher began seeking out and recording traditional musicians in the Cumberland Plateau region of Kentucky and Tennessee. Equipped at first with little more than a NAGRA reel-to-reel machine on loan from the Smithsonian Folklife Archive, Bobby has over the years recorded and collected hundreds of hours of material, from traditional songs and fiddle tunes to stories and oral histories. This work has led to productive results – over 30 years of album releases, festivals, and archived interview materials can attest to the richness of the music and culture of East Tennessee and the Cumberlands, as well as to Bobby’s tireless work. Sandrock, which was launched in 2011 and based out of the Cumberland Trail park office in Caryville, Tennessee, is only the latest in a series of musical projects spearheaded by Bobby and the FCT. With the technology now available to run a record label entirely online, it has become possible to make the fantastic music of this region readily available for the first time to a widespread audience, and that is our mission here at Sandrock Recordings. While we are a brand-new label, we have a lot of fantastic material in our archives and hope to keep putting out quality releases for years to come.

Our Partners:

Sandrock Recordings is made possible, in part, by grants from the Tennessee Arts Commission, Riverview Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. We are indebted to these partners and to the many artists and families who have blessed us with the opportunity to present their musical legacies through these projects.

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  1. John Novak says:

    While researching who wrote “Diesel On My Tail” I stumbled on your webpage and am very interested in obtaining a copy of his album “Fallen Country Star”. How do I go about this?

    1. Bradley Smiddy says:

      Currently we are updating our online sales but for now to get a copy please call 423-566-2229 (M-F 8am – 4:30pm ET). This will be the Cumberland Trail State Park office and a staff member will be glad to assist you.

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