Fallen Country Star


East Tennessee songwriter Jim Fagan persisted on country music’s margins for nearly three decades, crafting stirring vignettes of love, loss, and working-class life. Compiled here for the first time, Fagan, in his own gripping voice, sounds his way into America’s musical chronicle.

Jim Fagan left behind over a hundred reel-to-reel tapes and dozens of custom pressed 45 RPM records. Some were produced at his own studio in Clinton, TN, while others were made professionally in Nashville. This collection has been produced from those originals. Due to the age and long use of some of the source media, the sound is at times less than perfect. We have done our best to remaster each track. Still, we ask that you listen beyond the sometimes weathered sound surface–or, perhaps better yet, that you take on and reconcile the noise as yet another dynamic ornament on these rare musical documents.

Special thanks to: Dudley Fagan, Bill Waddell, Hal Duncan, Pandora Burnett, Kenny James, David Farmer, David West, Rowdy Cope, and Ben Bateson.

Produced by: Bradley Hanson

Mastered by: Ben Bateson

Design: Marcianne O’Day

Notes by Bradley Hanson

Fieldwork: Bradley Hanson