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Sandrock Recordings MP3s are encoded at 320 Kbps CBR, 44.1 KHz, using the LAME v3.99 codec and standard metadata conventions.

The quality of our CDs reflect the character and limitations of the original source material– reel-to-reel tapes, worn, dusty vinyl, cassettes recorded thirty or more years ago on an inexpensive deck. While we do our best to present these recordings in the truest way possible, some distortion, wobble and loss of fidelity is to be expected by the very nature of these home recordings. However, the quality of our products is still very important to us. If you discover any digital irregularities or incompatibilities with the conversion quality of our download products, please contact us and let us know so that we can attempt a better conversion.



Status of Liner Notes:

Our liner notes are works-in-progress and complete notes will be made available on album pages as they are developed.  Select titles will be printed in CD format, but complete liner notes may not be printed with CD packaging to save on printing costs.



Availability of CDs:

We understand that many of our customers would prefer CD format albums (we like CDs too). Sandrock Recordings was originally conceived as a download-only label, so the download format is our priority. We do not currently offer online purchase of CDs or mail fulfillment of our CD format catalog items. We do offer CDs of some of our projects via select retailers, including the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail office in Caryville, Tennessee. As additional retailers carry our product, we will announce those locations.

To save on printing costs, any liner notes will be available online on album pages, and may not be printed in booklets with the CDs.



Tech Support info:

Browser Compatibility & Site User Feedback:

We value customer and site user feedback. Our site is designed to be compatible with all current generation browsers. If you experience trouble viewing and purchasing our products, please let us know. If you have suggestions of ways we can improve your experience as a user of our website, please let us know.

Zip Archives:

All Sandrock Recordings downloads are packaged in Zip archive format. This allows us to compress the download in a lossless format, so that we can get it to you faster while keeping our content delivery costs to a minimum. Both current versions of Mac and Windows operating systems include support for the Zip archive format natively. Many free utilities are availability for older systems.

Each Zip album archive includes MP3 tracks, as well as album artwork (cover.jpg and folder.jpg) that will be automatically imported by most players and music libraries across most platforms, old and new. Liner notes are not available in the packages at this time, but are posted on each album page on the site.

iPhone Downloads:

You can purchase Sandrock Recordings products from an iPhone browser, but download options via iPhone are limited by the way Apple has designed iOS.

To listen to your Sandrock album products on your iOS device, we recommend that you download the purchase to your computer’s hard drive, unzip the archive containing the tracks, add the tracks to iTunes, and then and manually sync the albums to your iOS device via iTunes. For details on how to add tracks to your iTunes library, visit Apple’s iTunes support page. For details on how to sync your iTunes library to your device, visit Apple’s syncing support page.