It’s About the Music

Here at Sandrock Recordings, we are as devoted to our musicians as we are to you, our audience.

We love you both! But, without these musicians, you would never be able to hear their previously unsung histories. Their voices have not been documented anywhere else.

For that reason, it was every bit as important to deliver copies of our recently released CD’s to the musicians that made them.

some good memories right there


Opal Sharp Wright is one daughter of Fiddling John Sharp. Her own voice can be heard on the Sharp Family Recordings.

She was utterly thrilled to receive these finished works.


Why! Look at us, Rachel!


Holding these finished works in her own hands, she remarked that “my Daddy, he would have loved this.”


my daddy he would have loved this


“And I sure do. Mhmm. Good memories. This is what we lived for! And I still do! Keeps me going, even in my nineties. I am alive for it.”


I can hardly believe it


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