NPR Feature on Bobby Fulcher’s Folklore Work

Welcome Weekend Edition listeners! Last night, we started getting notices of album sales, comments and inquiries and discovered that WMOT in Murfreesboro, Tennessee had run a feature on Cumberland Trail manager Bobby Fulcher and his work to document the songs, stories and history of the Cumberland Plateau. We knew the story was in the works, but weren’t sure when it was going to air.  We’re thrilled to welcome you all to!

As you probably already know from the feature, Bobby’s independent folklore work has resulted in a fine series of albums that we offer for sale here at The artists featured on these recordings have had a phenomenal influence among established interpreters of traditional Appalachian music, including Bruce Molsky, Pete Seeger, Alice Gerrard and many more.  We’re very proud to offer this these historic albums in digital format. Dee Hicks and Fiddlin’ John Sharp are each featured on Five Miles Out of Town: Traditional Music from the Cumberland Plateau, Vol. 2. Clyde Davenport can be heard on both Gettin’ Up the Stairs: Traditional Music from the Cumberland Plateau, Vol. 1 and his first full-length recording, Clydeoscope.

We’re in love with our other artists as well, and hope you’ll give a listen and consider buying Uptown Gals, a compilation of fiddle tunes composed or re-interpreted by a young fiddler named Chris Ryan. Gospel & rockabilly fans will enjoy Revival!, a toe-tappin’ selection of classic performances from famed gospel duo Don and Earl. And don’t forget to check out Jim Fagan’s Fallen Country Star an unforgettable collection of classic country songwriting performed with the sincerity and authenticity that can only be produced by the real deal.

Thank you for visiting & please come back and see us again!

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