The 2015 Fall Creek Falls Mountaineer Folk Festival

On the weekend of September 11-13, the annual Mountaineer Festival was held in Fall Creek Falls State Park. The weekend-long celebration was full of musical performances held on two stages, as well as host to myriad folk art and craft vendors.




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As usual, performances spilled over into ever corner of the vicinity, far beyond main stages. Children delighted in engaging with folk enactments and demonstrations celebrating the traditional culture of mountaineers in the Cumberland plateau region.



Meanwhile, The Old Time Travelers regaled the crowd with their lively performance on the Anderson Stage. Guitar-picker Clark Williams’ antics elicited great cheers from the crowd as he swung his instrument about, imitated hen cackles and crow calls, and finally played flawlessly while holding the guitar behind his head.





The Blue Creek Ramblers also delighted the crowd with their group’s masterful bluegrass performance full of energetic solo instrumentals. Fiddler Delmer Holland’s vocal were particularly captivating.




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Joe Hicks was one audience member enjoying the music within the great crowd. Joe is a grandson of legendary balladeers Dee and Delta Hicks, whose music can be heard on our Traditional Music of the Cumberland Plateau albums. Dee’s brother Bessford is featured on Gettin’ Up the Stairs, and Dee and Delta can be found on Five Miles Out of Town. More information about the Hicks family heritage and musical legacy is available here, an illuminating portrait written by Bobby Fulcher about this uniquely old-fashioned family from Fentress County.



Anderson Stagee emcee Bob Fulcher rightly took a moment to acknowledge the hard efforts of Fall Creek Falls State Park Ranger Stuart Carroll in maintaining both this beautiful state park and hosting a truly wonderful annual event.



More pictures will be posted soon! Believe it or not, this photographer still shoots film, so the process of processing negatives and digitizing them will just have to leave you hanging here for the moment…





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