The Cumberland Trail on WDVX: Chris Ryan & Anderson County FTW

For the June 25th show, we listened to fiddle music from North Georgia/Chattanooga-area wunderkind Chris Ryan, from his 2012 release, Uptown Gals.  Chris is an imaginative and innovative fiddler who has a deep understanding of the fiddle traditions he draws on.

Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan

We continued with selections from Jim Fagan, a Clinton-based singer and songwriter who never quite got as famous as you would think, given the strength of his catalog & the power of his performances. Fagan passed away in the early 80’s, but thankfully, his son Dudley worked with us to re-release some of his most compelling performances on Fallen Country Star.

Jim Fagan and Band
Jim Fagan and Band

Next we moved to the young & soon-to-be famous set from Anderson County. First we heard from up-and-coming electronica duo NAM. Sam Simmons, the mastermind behind their beats, is from Clinton, and has done some important work with us at Sandrock Recordings. They’ll be releasing an EP in August, so if you like what you heard, connect with them on facebook or soundcloud to keep up with their work.

Finally, we rounded out the show with cuts from “Some Bright Mourning” by Oak Ridge sister-act The Skipperdees. They live in Athens, Georgia now, but they still belong to the Cumberland Plateau.  Their full length album is filled with smart lyrics, catchy melodies, and best enjoyed by folks who are well-versed in the history of the region.

Catherine and Emily Backus – The Skipperdees

The show was recorded and will be available online until July 9th via the WDVX archives.  Selections broadcast included:

  1. Uptown Gals – Chris Ryan
  2. Dry Town Breakdown – Chris Ryan
  3. Diesel on My Tail – Jim Fagan
  4. Follow the Tears an Empty Bottles – Jim Fagan
  5. 490 – NAM
  6. Shallow + Deep – NAM
  7. The Atomic City – The Skipperdees
  8. 500 Miles – The Skipperdees

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